Computer repair done right.

The really simple answer to “Can we do it?” is “Yes”. We’ve never met a computer we couldn’t fix, so don’t hesitate to get in touch or stop on by. Whether it’s running slow, got a virus, or otherwise causing you grief, allow us to cure what ails your machine.

Custom built machines to push the limit.

We’re proud of our custom built computers, tweaked to perform all sorts of jobs with style. We’ll craft a finely tuned workstation to smash that video render time, or a mean gaming machine with pure performance under the hood to skyrocket your framerates. Get in touch, and we’ll make you something epic.

Business solutions with class.

We’re no stranger to what businesses need to get their work done. We can build you a server, set up your workstations, even wrestle Microsoft Office into shape. Local businesses already trust us to have their backs: Soft Star Shoes, G&R Body, ProPrint, Revolve Resale, law firms, realtors, the list goes on and on. Contact us today and we’ll help your business succeed.

Your data, back from the dead.

We’ve teamed up with DriveSavers, the industry leading blokes, to bring you world-class data recovery services. We handle the hard work, the fine print: all you need to do is drop off your drive, and we’ll handle the rest. They’ve never failed to recover data from any drive we’ve sent them, so never fear! We’ll get your data back.

The best security you’ve never seen.

Other places will sell you Norton, or McAfee, or some other antivirus. Not us. We’ve handpicked the best of the best to bring you the A-team of security software. Computers we’ve secured have no less than three layers of protection: with no performance decrease. And we’re one step ahead of the bad guys: our security protects against the latest threats, such as ransomware. Get in touch with us today for protection for home or business. And it’s affordable: protecting a computer for a year costs less than $50.

Be invisible on the internet.

We offer software solutions, classes, and systems designed to hide your identity on the internet. We’ve got tricks to hide your location behind a fake IP address, email accounts kept safe in Switzerland, and secure credit card protection services for shopping online. We can also teach you all about Bitcoin, the dark web, TOR, and the cloud. We’re proud to help you hide from Big Data.

We’ll get your backups back up.

In order for backups to be truly painless, you need to pay someone else to do it for you. That’s exactly what we do, for the super-low price of $0.30/GB. A real human here at the shop will take care of your backups, and we can store them on local hard drives or a secure encrypted cloud. That’s backup that you don’t need to worry about.