Service agreement

Thanks for choosing Corvallis Computer for your technology work! It’s our pleasure to help you.

Before working on your computer, we ask all our customers to fill out this document so that you know our terms and conditions, and we know how to contact you.

If you come into the office in person, we’ll give you a printed copy. If you make use of the digital version attached to this post, you have the following options available to you:

  • Save the PDF to your computer, fill it out using software like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, save your filled-out version, and email it back to us at You can also just print the filled-out copy and bring it with you.
  • Save the PDF to your computer, print it out, and write in your information. Then you can either bring in the sheet with you or scan the sheet into another PDF and email us that.

Filling the sheet out ahead of your visit allows you to save time on your visit. You can come in, drop off your computer(and the sheet if you printed it), tell us what we need to fix, and take off! We’ll handle the rest and give you a call when it’s done.

Click here to view the document.