Scam season is afoot

Seems to be scam season around here. Some tips regarding phone and computer scams:

-> It’s important to note that nobody from any computer or technology related business will ever call you: they have better things to do, like fleecing their shareholders. If you’ve got “Microsoft” or “Facebook” on the phone, you can tell them to bugger right off.

-> It’s also wise to never give money or anything of value away over the phone: no gift cards, checks, cards, or money orders. If you really owe someone money, you’ll get a bill in the mail with a statement and return address.

-> The IRS will never call you: no government agency ever uses anything less than first-class certified mail.

When in doubt, feel free to call us  and ask, we’ve seen just about all the scams at this point, and we’ll tell you if it’s bogus or if you need further assistance.

Stay safe!