We’re moving to the Madison Plaza.

We’re excited to announce that we are moving to a new shop at Madison Plaza, right in the heart of downtown Corvallis by Starbucks and Einstein Bros. Bagels. This change gives us a lot more space to organize our jobs and have more than one repair going at once, as well as have a bit of retail product on hand like cables or storage devices.

After some careful deliberation, we’ve reached a couple of important conclusions regarding our business and how we operate. Here’s the changes you need know about:

  • We are no longer offering house calls. House calls have always been a central part of our business, and we haven’t forgotten that’s how we got started initially when we didn’t have an office at all. With the new shop we’re also hoping to expand our hours to accommodate for when you need to stop by after work or on your way by in the morning, and this would make house calls even harder than they were already. With this in mind, we’ve decided to retire the house calls until such a time as we have enough staff to send out a technician without closing the shop, even in the middle of the day.
  • We are now offering pickup and delivery. In lieu of house calls, we’ve decided to offer a pickup and delivery service where we can come to your house and pick up your computer, bring it to the shop and repair it, and deliver it back to your house when it’s fixed.
  • Better scheduling and faster turnaround. We will stand up and admit when we’re doing something wrong and it’s our fault, and some of these failings are around phone calls and our one-week turnaround. We are implementing procedures so that our time is better managed and we are able to turn around computers even faster, and organizing our phone system so everyone stays in the loop. We’re thankful for all your feedback and we are working to fix what we aren’t doing right.

We have moved over most of our shop and we are now operating out of the new location. Thanks for your support and your patience!