Fundraiser days and where we’re going from here

You might have seen on our Facebook page that we made the bold claim that one day a month, we would donate 25% of our profits to a different charity.

After three of these benefit days have passed, I’ve been disappointed in the turnout. We raised a grand total of $10 for the Mary’s River Gleaners, and $0 for both We Care and Ancient Ways.

I really don’t want to point fingers. I mean, maybe not enough people knew, maybe everyone was busy, who knows. I’m not blaming anyone for this failure. But since apparently our ability to raise funds for our local nonprofits is severely limited, I’ve made the executive decision to suspend the Benefit Days project until such a time as I think we can raise a reasonable amount of money for our local causes. I don’t want to run fundraisers until we, as Corvallis, can be proud of the result.

Thanks for your continued patronage, and I hope that we can bring back this project soon.

–Nico, owner

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