Author: Nico

Scam season is afoot

Seems to be scam season around here. Some tips regarding phone and computer scams: -> It’s important to note that nobody from any computer or technology related business will ever call you: they have better things to do, like fleecing their shareholders. If you’ve got “Microsoft” or “Facebook” on the phone, you can tell them to bugger right off. ->… Read more →

Cloudbleed security report – change your passwords!

You may have heard of the Cloudbleed vulnerability in the news recently: here’s our take, our advice, and what you need to know. There is an internet firm called CloudFlare that provides a variety of services to most of the Internet, and among these services is acceleration proxy. What this does is keep several copies of a website in different… Read more →

Winter weather

Corvallis Computer will be operating on a slight delay in the snow as we get to work. We will still be open today from around 11 to 5pm as usual.  As always, we want you to stay safe above all else and if you can’t drive to our shop safely, don’t! There’s always a better way.  Drive safe!  -the Corvallis… Read more →

Snow warning

After a long period of time without, it looks like we finally got some snow here in Corvallis.  We will still be open despite the weather, but we encourage you to drive safe above all else. You are worth more than your computer, and if you can’t drive here safely, don’t drive here!  That being said, enjoy the snow, and… Read more →