This is how we do it downtown.

We’re the local headquarters for stellar customer service and top-notch technology work. In all our years of business, we’ve never met a computer we couldn’t fix, a machine we couldn’t build, or a problem we couldn’t solve. Get in touch or stop on by today: we think you’ll be mighty pleased with our service.

What makes us different?

Service: Our shop was born out of frustration with the computer industry at large for selling crappy computers that wear out in a year or two, misleading customers, and plain ripping people off. We’ll always be straightforward, transparent, and honest, and all our staff are more than capable of translating complicated technobabble into easy terms that everyone can understand. We also don’t recommend anything unless it’s a good idea, or a tried and true computer: no wasted money on bad ideas here.

Independence: We don’t accept money from big corporations or sell out to anyone: that’s what allows us to give you an honest opinion on a new computer. Nobody here was paid to sell you some snake oil computer or spammy software. Every product here was personally tested and approved by us, and we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Quality: Unlike the designed-to-fail quality of other shops, every single computer we sell is designed to last 10-15 years, and put up with everyday use. The repairs we perform on computers brought in hold up for years at a time.

Open-minded: Always at the front of the cutting edge, we embrace new technology that can help customers and make lives easier, like cloud computing, or smart homes. This allows us to really surprise our clients with cool tricks like automation, mobile technology, painless security, and peace of mind. We’ve been making improvements to our business since we opened, and we’re always keeping a sharp eye out for a better way to get things done.

The possibilities are endless.

Well, we still haven’t figured out cold fusion, but we do offer a wide range of stuff: see our complete list of services.