Corvallis Computer originated in 2013 as Nico’s Computer Repair. The operation was quite small: Nico would ride his bike to the houses of his clients and was exclusively on-site. After a rousing success the business rented out a small office in the Central Park South building just off of Madison and 8th, and rebranded as Corvallis Computer. After a steady increase in clientele we arrive at today, where we reside at the Madison Plaza in the heart of Downtown, with plenty of space to do what we love.

The values that propelled us to success are still at the core of the business today, and we’re proud to continue serving our customers in Corvallis and beyond. We’ve always had a penchant for local business, and it was this that led us to change the name not long after moving to Central Park South. Corvallis Computer embodies two words: the lovely town of Corvallis and its values, and the computer services we provide.

We’re also proud to be quite the cocktail of professionalism and industry upsets. We have a few policies that you won’t find at any other computer shop:

  • We value our independence, and don’t side with any brand over another. When you shop here, you get objective opinions that correctly reflect the best products on the market, not the products with highest profit margin. This is why we donate 100% of sales incentives received to local nonprofits.
  • Quality is taken extremely seriously: all products in the shop are hand-tested for quality before being sold. We never, ever sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, and we refuse to sell products we don’t believe will work or stand up to the test of daily usage.
  • Depending on who you ask, you may be told that we’re not in the computer business. We’re in the customer service business. Anything that the customer isn’t satisfied with goes straight to the top, and is resolved personally by Nico(the owner). We also earned our five-star reputation by treating every customer as a friend, not as a wallet with legs.
  • We reward people’s opinions, whether they be positive or negative. All reviews of our business left online are rewarded with 10% off the next labor charge, up to $10. This applies no matter the review: we want your opinion, not false reviews inflating our rating.

We really love what we do, and it’s really a pleasure to continue to serve the local community. Please, stop on by, and we think you’ll be amazed at what you find.